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Unless we live in total isolation, probably not a day goes by that we do not meet other people. What is happening between us and within us is precisely the object of psychological research.

Part of life.

Psychology generally deals with knowledge of the human personality, human potential, human structure, and human soft skills. These are skills that we are born with in some part, but have a lifetime to build, develop and work on. This is called self-development. In other words, if a person wants to develop in life, they cannot do it without knowledge of psychology.

Psychology develops us.

People's interest in psychology also depends on the environment in which they grow up. If someone has never had strong interests in life, then they will not be interested in psychology and would never seek out a psychologist. But there are people who want to achieve something in life, and want to have a general overview, so of course they are interested in not only psychology, but also in history, culture, economics, politics, etc. And for these people psychology is attractive because it can move them further not only at work, but also in partnerships. It helps us to understand each other, in parenting roles and the like. It also gives answers to why someone reacts the way they do in a given situation, and why we experience the emotions we experience.

Psychology has the answer.

Psychology offers answers to how and why I behave as I do, why my friend, classmate or colleague is different from me, and why my partner is different from me in some things. In essence, psychology gives answers to who I am and what others are like. And it offers opportunities to do something to make us feel good together. Historically, psychology follows philosophy. Probably everyone has wondered at some time in their life who they are, where they are and where they are going. Who and what do I need to feel good? These are philosophical questions that psychology already answers today.

So, psychology, like science, is very close to us. It is used on an almost daily basis, in every encounter with people or situations. It just may not appear that way to someone not accustomed to working in psychology.

Amy and her role.

Amy's basic job is to get good psychology to the general public. So that it is easy to reach, understand and is practical.

Amy provides insight into ourselves and our friends, our parents and the companies in which we work. Amy introduces psychology to the general public. Amy can help see some things more clearly and better. Amy is able to broaden horizons, see things from other perspectives, answer some questions and steer decisions in the right direction.

Author: Jirka pro Amy
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