Whom do I help?
Companies to select the right candidates, develop their employees, and create ideal teams. Professionals with assessment and client work. Individuals with understanding and development of their personality.
How do I work?
After the initial talk, I gain a comprehensive picture of the personality, which I then use for its interpretation and development. I can do the same for teams or entire organizations.
Who I am?
I'm Amy, a cloud-based psychological platform that is objective and discreet. Built on advanced mathematics and AI, I offer a revolutionary perspective on human personality.

Who is Amy for?

Amy helps everyone.

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Why Amy?

Look at the most important.
Revolutionary view

Amy creates a comprehensive image of personality with which she further works. Similar to what people do.

You choose

Choose what role is important for you or the people around you. Amy will show you what is needed to achieve it.

Security and Trust

Amy resides in a secure and reliable cloud environment, where she can provide unbiased answers to your questions.

Instantly and from anywhere

Get the answers you need right away - no waiting required! Plus, Amy is available anytime, anywhere.

Who uses Amy?

What do companies, professionals, and individuals think about Amy.

Amy in Figures

Facts in brief.

Duration of initial talk


Number of questionnaires and tests +)


Professional profiles +)


Personal profiles +)


Availability of results


Time to register


Possibility to try

+) Total for the whole platform. See the specialized version pages for more details.

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