Know yourself, and you'll know what to develop…

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As our grandmothers said, "Education never ends." And even as our personality matures, we learn on our own. From our own mistakes and successes, from proven strategies, maybe even thanks to feedback from friends. And in general, what we ourselves learn is something that can never be taken from us.

If we say education or training, then each of us will most likely imagine some sort of school structure. Education given by the system. We will probably always remember the educational institutions we used from an early age. From kindergarten to college. Most of us have all gone through certain levels of education and have experience with it. The method of evaluation was clear, we were familiar with the subjects and requirements that were placed upon us, or are placed on our children today.

School of Life.

From a certain age, according to results and our interests, we begin to have an idea of what kind of work we would like to do. We start thinking about the knowledge, skills and abilities we need for the job. We know from an early age that particular professions require particular knowledge, skills and intellect.

Hard skills vs. soft skills.

As we mature and gain more experience, we find that encyclopaedic knowledge, so-called hard data, and intellect may not be enough for us.

We find that in addition to knowing what to do, it would be good to know how to do it and why.

Soft skills are skills that we are partially born with. We have a lifetime to build, develop and work on them in some way. A concrete example is speech. We all learn to speak at a certain age. But only by developing this skill can we become a top orator, announcer or motivator.

Self-development is a lifelong process.

We achieve some degree of development through practice and experience. It doesn't even occur to us that we are improving, that we are more confident in something, and that we can better manage certain things and situations. In some areas we may find that we lack soft skills, so we can study in development courses, with the help of a coach or other professionals. Choosing the right education is always a lot of work. We must first know what we want and need to develop. And almost no one will tell us this, we have to find out for ourselves.

Author: Veronika for Amy
Photo: Shutterstock