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I am Amy, a cloud psychological platform based on artificial intelligence.

Amy helps us better understand our personalities and the personalities of the people around us. Amy is a platform that communicates with us. It is not biased, respects our privacy and is discreet. Talk2amy team

Who are we?

The Talk2amy platform is the result of a collaboration between a group of professionals and enthusiasts, covered by Czech company Mongata. It is a unique interdisciplinary connection of psychologists, IT specialists, artificial intelligence experts, mathematicians, graphic designers, and many others.

Martin Rücker


Igor Meňovský

Design & UX

David Vavřík

Technology & Architecture

František Anderle

Development Management

Robert Šuhada
AI & Research
Veronika Štroblová


Jiří František Průža


Jakub Nezdoba


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Amy & Science

Amy bridges psychology and artificial intelligence

Amy is an interdisciplinary psychological platform. It combines the latest approaches in psychology with artificial intelligence to form the basis for calculations in the area of personality psychology. By using AI, cloud computing capabilities, and advanced mathematics, it can assess human personality as a whole.

How does it work?

Amy evaluates data collected from questionnaires, tests and chat. All inputs are analyzed and stored in the "inventory" of personality characteristics and follow-up specialized models. They then, together with predictive models, interpret the specific personality.

Anonymous and aggregated data are stored in data warehouses where they are analyzed and returned back to the platform in the form of standard values and statistical characteristics.

What technologies does the platform use?

The complete platform, including its analytical part, is hosted on Microsoft Azure. It is secured by the latest security means. The analytics section uses, among others, technologies such as TensorFlow, Keras, or Azure Data Lake. Amy comes to life through WebGL, Google DialogFlow, or Mixamo. React, Material UI or ASP.NET Core are used for web interface.

What is the result?

You get insight into personality, which consists of multidimensional personality vectors representing different aspects of human personality. It is a combination of well-known models along with specialized custom models and calculations.

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Amy & Facts

Quick facts about the platform

Language availability

  • Platform and Talks: English, Czech
  • Talks: German, Slovak


In addition to a large number of custom questionnaires and surveys, the platform also offers more than 40+ standard questionnaires. Their availability varies according to the purchased plan, qualification and release date. For instance, there are IPIP versions of questionnaires available such as:

16 Personality Types, Six-Factor Personality Questionnaire, AB5C, Barchard 2001, BFAS, BIG FIVE, BIS BAS, Bus 1980, HEXACO PI and many others.

Regional availability

Region Lite Individuals Companies Professionals
Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
Other EU countries
Talk2amy platform is available in the region
Talk2amy platform is coming soon in the region

Our partners

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

We were members of the Microsoft for Startups program (Founders Hub). Now we continue in the Microsoft ISV Success program.
Partner in the area of corporate and individual trainings.
Marketing partner.

Privacy Matters

How we work with data and how we protect your privacy.

Amy respects your anonymity and privacy. She only asks for the data she needs and informs you about everything in a transparent way. In Lite plan, you don't even need to provide your name or email. Even when Amy asks you about feelings and possible reactions during a talk, they always apply to fictitious situations or general statements. Amy never asks about specific people or situations.

Your data is securely stored, encrypted and shared on a limited basis with only the people to whom you give your consent. In the same way, we strictly divide your personal data and any payment data into different systems. In bulk, Amy processes only anonymous and aggregated data.

We take care of your privacy not only by the correct processing and storage of data, but also by its protection. We comply with all necessary security measures and data protection in the platform design, implementation and deployment, as well as in subsequent maintenance.

Respect & Responsibility

We make software for people.

We respect who we are - we do not judge. We want to show that each of us is original, has strengths and weaknesses, is gifted for different things and has different goals in life. The Talk2amy platform helps to understand all aspects of our personality and find a way to ourselves and others.

Even when trying to help as much as possible, we still respect our own limits. Our platform helps but does not cure. Please note that when it is necessary to seek the care of a specialist, we do not determine the clinical condition or recommend the use of the platform for the purposes of clinical psychology. You can only use the platform if you are over fifteen years old.