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Version 1.0

Security at the first place

Provide secure services and protect your data is our highest priority. Our efforts start with platform design, continue through implementation and deployment phases and end with platform maintenance. Along the way we implement all the necessary security measures and cooperate with other companies to achieve the highest possible protection level:

Security by design

The architecture of is built with robustness and resiliency in mind. We think about availability, scalability and above security even before we start to implement a new feature.

  • "Cloud-first" - runs only and only in cloud.
  • "Multi-tenant" - data from all subscriptions are separated and isolated by default.
  • "Anonymity-first" - your data are available only to you and people you gave your consent.
  • "Segregation of private data" - private and sensitive data is isolated from other data types.

Security by platform is hosted in global data centers of our hosting partner - Microsoft Azure. High reliability, availability and security of its data centers contributes to continuous and smooth execution of our services and ultimate data protection.

  • Robust DNS - routing service requests according to your geo proximity and other parameters.
  • Load Balancing - Automatically distribute platform traffic across multiple availability zones that supports high availability, auto scaling and robust security.
  • Data backups - Near real-time backups taken across multiple availability zones in encrypted and access controlled containers.
  • Encryption - Storages supporting industry level encryption algorithms.
  • End-to-end monitoring - extensive platform technical monitoring with notifications guarantees fast reaction to unexpected situations.

Security by processes

Internal and external processes guarantee smooth, safe and transparent transitions between platform versions.

  • Analytical and Development Processes - DevOps based analytical and development processes guaranteeing controlled feature planning and implementation. It includes like version control, code profiling or code reviews.
  • Quality Assurance - new features deployed only when battery of performance, automated and manual tests pass.
  • Continuous deployment and integration - fully automated deployment process across multiple environments guarantee safe and well-tested versions roll out.
  • Segregation of duties - every process is managed by well-defined and distinct roles. We do not mix responsibilities.
  • Security and technological audits - help us to improve platform's security continuously